Photography is a profession for some people while it’s a hobby for some people. No matter which category you fall under, you should remember that there are many places in every city and country where you cannot take photographs. Do read the following on what can’t be photographed in Chicago if you don’t want to end up losing all the pictures or your photography gear to a security person’s anger.

Public Places

In the US and Chicago, photography in public places is usually allowed. The restrictions might surface only if you use a camera in a public place to capture the private spaces of individuals like standing in a park and capturing the inside of a home of a person within the range.

Privately Owned Places

There are many privately owned museums, shopping malls and other places where the owner decides whether photography is allowed or not. For instance, if you want to capture some fresh fruits in your camera lens at an organic market, let the owner of the organic market decide whether you can do it or not.

The Obvious Restrictions

When thinking of what can’t be photographed in Chicago, you must remember that taking pictures of restricted areas such as popular buildings like the water tower or dams, train stations, airports, and military installations can lead to legal issues.

The Use

At many national parks, museums and tourist attractions, you are allowed to take photographs for personal use, but you can’t make use of those images for commercial gain.

Best Option

The best option available to every photographer is to use common sense and not click photos of other people without their permission. Also, seek permission from the owner whenever possible and be honest about whether you intend to use the images commercially or not.