Being a photographer is not a tough thing anymore. With the development of technology, everyone has access to a megapixel camera, and the quality of photography gear is reaching new heights every day. If all this has prompted you to be a photographer and you are wondering how to sell your photography in Chicago then here are a few worthy options.

  • Start a Blog or Website

The first thing you can consider is setting up your blog or website where you can sell not only photos but also tell stories associated with every picture. This is a popular method for professional photographers who want everything, money, name, and fame.

  • Sell Online

There are many websites where you can list your photos, sell them and get a good price. You need to find the right platform to sell your skill, and you’ll earn well without much investment. This option is best for photographers who want to earn a few quick bucks.

  • Consider Offline Options

You can attend various art and craft fairs and sell your pictures offline. You can also approach coffee shops, doctor’s or dental offices in Chicago and ask them to buy your photographs. It is also a smart idea to attend events and conferences related to photography and hand out your card or display your portfolio.

If you have the required connections, you can also approach art galleries and organize private viewings of your photographs. Though this is not the easiest option and might need some heavy investments, it can be worth it if some reputed art collectors or photography admirers like you and decide to buy from you.

Which of these methods of selling photography in Chicago do you like best? Let us know by commenting below.